Daily Insolation (DINSOL-v1.0) program



The Daily INSOLationi (DINSOL-v1.0) is a program that simulates the incoming solar radiation at the top of the atmosphere following the Milankovitch cycles theory. The program is ideal for preparing the boundary conditions of climate models, beyond to be a helpful tool for educational purposes. The program allows the user to simulate the solar radiation data using many input options, such as setting the number of points of latitude and longitude, the solar constant, a calendar of 365 or 360 days, or choosing between the most famous parameterizations for the Earth orbital parameters (EOP): Be78, Be90, and Laskar. The users can also set the EOP freely, simulating the solar radiation of hypothetical cases, such as exoplanets. Moreover, by adopting the graphical user interface (GUI), the users can run the tool intuitively and generate many windows containing the results individually. The most important advantage of adopting the DINSOL is to have many output data options. For example, the program computes the instantaneous solar radiation globally, which considers the Earth's rotation's effect (time step in hours) on incoming solar radiation; this data represents the sunlight behavior realistically. Thus, the DINSOL is an excellent option for students, teachers, and researchers who need to perform some scientific study or wish to teach about solar radiation in different areas (e.g., climatology, geography, astronomy, geophysics, computing science, meteorology, and others). 

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